Music Mondays: John Lennon

John Lennon - photo by Spud Murphy

{Photo Credit: Spud Murphy via}

This year has been a great one with wonderful new beginnings. Not only are we now engaged and planning our wedding but we also have a number of friends who are in the same boat, planning to tie the knot. Mr B and I also seem to have friends and family having babies left and right.

This past year we’ve been lucky enough to welcome three beautiful baby boys into our circle of people we love. The last of the three arrived a bit early and I thought a little John Lennon was the perfect way to celebrate… So cheers to all of our new and beautiful boys!

Lots of other gems on the John Lennon youtube channel too! :)

Music Mondays: Nerina Pallot

Monday is here and life is good!  Sorry I’ve been a total Love M slacker lately.  Lots going on around here.  We’ve been celebrating all kinds of love and new beginnings over the past few weeks.  Also, my “to do” lists are piling up.  I’m doing my best to check it all off so I can get busy on this here blog.  I decided to break today’s post down into three equally amazing parts.  Here goes…


I’m starting my day off with one-hell-of-a-song.  Remember this awesome jam (circa 1991)?  O.M.G  Every time I listen to it I want to run to my closet, pull out a leotard, a colorful scrunchy, some spandex or a jacket with major shoulder pads… and dance around the room.  (If ONLY I lived in a world where those items actually lived in my closet!… sigh)  If you’re telling me you don’t feel the same, I’m pretty sure you’re lying.   Anywho… great song.


Nerina Pallot

{Photo by Justin NG via}

I’ve been listening to a lot of Nerina Pallot lately.  Amazing voice.  Great on the piano.  Whether it is a lady or gent, turns out I’m a big fan of any  crazy talents that rock the piano (see part three).  So Nerina is pretty darn cool.  But when I heard her rendition of Finally, the song mentioned above… that was it.  I was hooked.  Fabulous cover.  Check it out below…

You can get it here.


So if you, like me, are a major fan of artists with beautiful voices who also play the piano… here are just a few other faves of mine that you just might adore too.  (I’m sure I’ll be sharing more in the future)

Elton John – Tiny Dancer
Paul McCartney – Hey Jude
Gavin Degraw – Belief (Stripped), Hallelujah, Walking in Memphis, Let’s Get it On (pretty much any Gavin)
Birdy – Without a Word
Sarah Bareilles – Gravity

Music Mondays: Michael Kiwanuka

Happy Monday morning everyone!  I don’t know about you, but I had a fabulous weekend!  Mr B and I got to wrap our dear friends up in a whole lotta love as they got hitched this weekend and it doesn’t get much better than that!  Watching two amazing people become husband and wife is such a special thing and our hearts are so full of love right now.  Oh, and dance our pants off, you say?  We sure did!  All. Night. Long.

Michael Kiwanuka

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After a weekend jam packed with happy celebration, we are slowly winding down and catching up.  I’m doing so with the sweet mellow sounds of Michael Kiwanuka playing in the background.  I LOVE his voice and his sound… and his album!  Home Again is one of my favorite songs.  Hope you like it too!

If you’re loving his sound, you can find his album here.

Music Mondays: Brett Dennen

This weekend was truly wonderful.  It was filled with friends, family, celebratory drinks and yummy food!  Most importantly, it was filled with ONE BIG LOVE.

After many, many moons together, Mr B popped the question and asked me to be his Mrs B!  Caught completely off-guard, filled with overwhelming surprise and in a total blur, I said yes and we spent the rest of the night celebrating with all of the people we love.  We could not be happier and are feeling nothing but good good good.


After such a feel-good weekend, I’m in the mood to wind down with some feel-good music.  So, today I’m listening to a little bit of Brett Dennen.  I’m SO loving his new song Wild Child!  It kind of has a Tom Petty vibe to it so obviously I totally dig it.  Give it a listen as you wind down from your weekend too :)

“I wanna feel the good vibes.  I wanna feel the sunshine with you, by my side”

Want to add this tune to your own playlist?  You can get it here.  If the rest of the album is anything like this song I can’t wait for it to be released!